Operation Pawsible
With hope, anything is possible
- Welcome
My name is Kayla Dedek and I am starting an animal rescue called Operation Pawsible.  I live on the west coast of the U.S. in Oregon, and in my county there are no animal rescues to be found. The need for help is huge and I want to make a difference. The rescue is going to be a no-kill rescue. By this I mean that no animal will be put down due to overcrowding or treatable medical conditions. I have heard too many stories of sweet, loving animals being killed because there wasn't enough room for them, or because the shelter didn't want the "hassle" of treating them. It breaks my heart and my goal for Operation Pawsible is to prevent the killing of innocent animals. I also want the rescue center to be a place for teens in trouble to feel safe. It would be a place for them to receive counseling and have a sense of purpose when they work with an animal and help it find a new home. My mother had foster brothers and sisters growing up,and my grandma works in the child welfare system, so I know that there needs to be a place for these kids to get away and feel safe and loved, at least for a few hours a day.
‚ÄčTo start off I will be rescuing cats until we raise enough money to purchase land to rescue dogs. Dogs need to be able to have the option to play outside whenever they want and I want to be able to have a place for them to do that.   

Right now I am working on getting a 501(c)3 application. In my area, the application itself is over $500. A 501(c)3 status allows the donations that we receive to be tax deductible for the people that donate to us. I can receive donations (gifts) still, but they just won't be tax deductible. I have a paypal account if you would like to send a gift. Anything helps and it would be much appreciated. If you give a gift I would love to get your email so that I could thank you, give you updates, and send you pictures of the animals you helped with your gift. Feel free to send me an email to ask questions or ask on my progress. This website will be updated frequently so check to see my progress and to see pictures!